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EnColl is proud to offer its patented Ultra-Pure Type-I Collagen-based products to the global health care industry. These products represent the most advanced, powerful collagen-based products & solutions available in the biomedical market today. Please contact our sales offices regarding product pricing/availability, research consulting services, co-development projects or global product distribution opportunities. For product details and other technical information, please contact our Chief Technical Officer and the company's founder, Dr. S. Gunasekaran.

Encoll is currently seeking distributors for its Dermal, Dental and Research Products for Central and South America,Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and South East Asia.


S. Gunasekaran, PhD
Hand Phone (510) 396-8581

Murugan G (Director – Marketing & Sales)

  • 5 years of leadership experience in Management and Marketing
  • Award winner of Q4 2022 Hackathon for Sales Marketing & Global Services in Customer Relationship Management (SMGS-CRM)
  • Salesforce certified
  • Solid understanding of technology and corporate operations

V. Muthu, BS (Bio), MEd (Regulatory Affairs)

  • Experience in Biological sciences
  • Strategic Documentation of high-end products

Kalai G (QC & Executive Board)

  • Over 15 years in Biotech products QC
  • Over 25 years of experience in cleanroom operations

Lynn Tran, (Purchasing & Office Secretary)

  • Office Management

Leland Winters, MD, DBA (Advisory Board, Clinicial Affairs)

  • 15 years hospital CEO with clinical experience

Ken Wing, Advisory Board

  • 30+ years executive leadership
  • Expertise in building and operating major organization

Corine Klingbeil, PhD (Advisory Board)

  • Serial entrepreneur with deep networks in Biotech

Marilyn Kwolek, MD (Advisory Board)

  • CA Board Certified Dermatologist

EnColl Office Address:
4576 Enterprise St.
Fremont, CA 94538 USA
Tel : (510) 659-1466