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1 Feb., 2014 2:13 PM (FREMONT, CALIFORNIA)

EnColl's Patent Protected, Ultra Pure, Bioactive Enhanced Type-I Collagen Matrix for Surgical Applications in Bioactive Molecule/ Growth Factor Delivery and Stem Cell and Gene Therapies Press Release: 11 August 2012 2:00 PM (FREMONT, CALIFORNIA) Bioactive Enhanced Type-I Collagen Matrix for Surgical Applications in Bioactive Molecule/ Growth Factor Delivery and Stem Cell and Gene Therapies EnColl Corporation, a California-based Biotech corporation, announced today its breakthrough Collagen Product Development for the delivery of genes, stem cells, biomolecules and growth factors. Using their unique, technology patent protected technology, has developed a superior bioactive collagen matrix for the delivery of the above mentioned items. The bioactive collagen matrix was first formulated into their US FDA approved product HeliColl. HeliColl collagen dressing was approved by the US-FDA in 2004 and is well accepted by the plastic surgery, dermal surgery, orthopedic surgery and podiatric surgery for the treatment of treatment of wounds, burns and dermal. Dr. Howard Sutkin, MD, Board certified Plastic Surgeon, Wound Care Center, Regional Medical Center, San Jose, California said "HeliColl has been used for chronic surface wounds with deep space defects and it is noticed that the HeliColl Collagen dressing accelerates and promotes healing." "Using Helicoll dressing on a patient, Dr. Richard Kahn, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon said "The wound was markedly improved; it was smaller and less painful and healed in 10 weeks without surgery". "We are excited to announce the next step in EnColl's cutting edge product in the fields of Drug delivery, Stem cell treatments and Gene Therapy to tissues. For such applications, EnColl offers the only manufacturing process which produces high purity, surgical grade collagen with EnColl's patented Phosphorylated modifications to the Ultra-pure collagen substratum," said Dr Guna, principal scientist at EnColl Corp. EnColl's existing products (HeliColl, Hemocoll and Periodontal Plus AB) without growth-factors or genes are produced, clinically evaluated and commercially sold for human applications in non-US markets. For all medical applications EnColl's collagen matrix can be made in any physical form suitable for a site specific target delivery of active components (genes, stem-cells, and growth factors) for the local tissue repair or therapy. Using a patented Twice Treatment Process (TTP) and other unique purification steps, EnColl offers the only biocompatible, non-immunogenic collagen. As compared to currently available medical grade collagens, EnColl's collagen is the only patented high purity collagen that is without contaminants from Type III collagen, broken peptides/proteins, elastin, lipids, virus and prions. The bioactivity of EnColl's collagen is further enhanced by a patented phosphorylation process. According to analysis by Market Research.Com / Kalorama Information Division, the global market for skin wound treatment modalities in 2005 was $3.3B, growing to $5.3B by 2009, representing a compounded annual growth rate of 10 percent over the forecast period. "We aim to target the global market for Bio-medical applications for Collagen, like external Medical/Surgical Applications market at greater than $12B, Internal Medical/Surgical Application of market greater than $5B; Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Applications market estimated at greater than $ 60B. Based on the total market projection as referred by reports of market analyzers of biotech industry in US, the global market size of EnColl's product lines in year 2008 is projected to be in the order of $8B." said Dr Guna of EnColl Corp. For more Information Please Contact: S. Guna Gunasekaran, PhD President - CEO EnColl Corp. 4576 Enterprise Street, Fremont, CA-94538, USA e-mail: Tel. 510-396-8581